Client Testimonials

"Michael brings into the session an incredible blend of professionalism and easiness. We had a blast during the shoot and really felt like I was in good hands."

-Michael Hanson, Ring Announcer

"With Michael, I felt more comfortable than on any other shoot I've done. He is such a supportive photographer and works in a way that feels like a team effort. He has a keen eye for detail and sessions are always fun!"

-Anna DiGiovanni, Actor


"Michael's playful and professional work energy makes it easy to relax, open up, and snap that elusive "that-is-so-YOU!" photo."

-Acacia Danielson, Actor


"As the photographer for my dance project, Michael became an invisible force that found every interesting angle and point of view. The essence of my work was captured wonderfully!"

-Lindsey Hanson, Dancer